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Social media

Our company Eastern Gravity engages in administration and management of social media for our clients which include eg. the shopping center Arkády Pankrác, Bauer Group or social media of the ICP shopping centers. We ensure the highest standard possible while using complex promotional campaigns with the support of influencers such as models, youtubers, singers, sportmen and many others. We will get your social media profiles into wide-ranging subconscious and will provide their complete administration according to the newest trends with the right application of paid advertisement.

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Medial representation

We can get your project or product into the widest subconscious of the public with the opportunity of targeting particular groups of people according to their lifestyle or age thanks to our rich experience in medial advertising in outputs such as TV Nova, Óčko, Nova Sport, Nova Action, Mafra publishing house, Evropa 2, Spin Radio and many others. We create a complete advertising campaign tailored to your exact needs starting with the graphic designs, video productions, to putting up the billboard and broadcasting your commercial in television prime time.

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